martedì 19 aprile 2016


Lost the main ?
Sailing in the Mediterranean sea is quite common to see sailboats using just the jib in any wind conditions . In coastal cruising this easy style jib-only is quite popular specially in summer season. You don’t have to repeat to the crew to be careful of the booms when we are gybing or tacking, to the sheet , main traveler and so on ; just unroll the jib and go sailing .
As a designer and passionate about sailing  I’ve tried to figure out a cruiser project focused on this sailing style.
So for a balanced sail plan I suppose a twin jib solution to creates the venturi effect. The first one push the bow away from the wind , the second one creates the balancing of the main pushing the bow off the wind producing the right power. the rig is a double backward masts with four backstays .
Seen the backward position of the masts is possible to have a large gennaker that doesn’t need any spinnaker boom.
The deck at this point is “mast free” for the maximum happiness of the ladies on board

giovedì 14 aprile 2016